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Perfectly Located Next to london City Airport

Customers across the globe

90 percent of the UK’s scrap is sold worldwide and Deptford Scrap has customers across the globe, contributing to sales that make the UK one of the five largest metal scrap exporting countries in the world

  • Deptford Scrap trades regularly on the London Metals Exchange

  • This means we can get the best prices

  • We source and supply from our own 15,000 tons of stock or other traders

  • Whatever metal you need, we can help you

Trading on the LME, bringing the benefits back to all our clients.

Deptford Scrap supplies a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals to commercial customers across the world. A major reason we offer such a competitive and reliable partnership to global business is that we trade on the London Metal Exchange (LME), the world’s centre for industrials metals trading.

Founded in 1877, the LME brings together industry and the financial sector to buy and sell metal worldwide 24/7. It’s the place to find buyers and sellers and keen prices. That’s why Deptford Scrap trades there, bringing the benefits back to all our clients.

The sectors we serve range from construction 
and vehicle production 
to aerospace, energy,
and much more. We are able to source and supply metals from 15,000 tons of our existing stock or from our metal processing partners. No matter what type of metal or quantity you need, we can assist you.

Call us for a free valuation on: 020 8692 3755 or email us at: cjm@deptfordmetals.com