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Deptford Scrap Granulation Facilities

Buyers of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal

Pure copper in a totally automated process

We recover almost completely pure copper from cables in a totally automated process:

  • Cable is fed into a pre-shredder

  • It is then transferred via conveyor into a granulator. En route a powerful magnet removes any ferrous components

  • Granulated material is processed by a pulverising mill
  • It’s then sorted using an air separator
  • The copper pellets are collected for storage or sale, eventually to be melted down to form new high-quality metals.

Our machinery can take scrap wiring and turn it into granules of 99.9% clean copper or aluminium

In our efforts to constantly improve and modernise our service, Deptford Metals has invested in its own cable granulation plant. Our machinery can take scrap wiring and turn it into granules of 99.9% clean copper or aluminium.

Copper is a popular scrap metal because it has an infinitely recyclable life. It can be used over and over again (either on its own or in any of its alloys, such as brass or bronze). As copper, it offers another environmental benefit as it’s an important material in building the energy systems of the future, thanks to its excellent thermal and electrical conductivity.

We process household wire, low grade armoured, single core, multi-core and much more. Many of our competitors have to sell cable to granulation companies like ourselves, so we’ll never be beaten on price.

  • Our cable granulation plant produces almost pure copper and aluminium from scrap wire
  • We can process a wide range of cables
  • Copper is infinitely recyclable, making a major contribution to preserving the environment
  • Many scrap merchants sell cable to us for granulation, so we’ll never be beaten on price

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