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Deptford Scrap Cable Recycling

Buyers of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal

Make money don’t lose it in landfill

Copper and aluminium cabling can be a productive source of scrap but needs to be processed first to release the value. Deptford is constantly investing in new technologies to generate clean scrap including our self-contained cable stripping facility. This allows us to offer excellent prices for your copper or aluminium cables.

  • We have our own cable stripping and shredding equipment

  • Cable recycling can recover copper, aluminium, steel, lead and plastic

  • It saves cable going to landfill where its plastic coatings will not rot

Reduce the space taken by discarded cables in landfill sites and save the environment

Cable is made in a variety of thicknesses and can contain a number of different components, including copper, lead and steel. It is important first to grade the cable correctly so it can be processed in the correct way.

Cable recycling technology can recover copper, aluminium, steel or plastic and from any cable. Cable stripping can remove the plastic or lead covering on copper and aluminium cable, stripping it down to a grade of bare copper that’s called Dry Bright Wire, while steel can be taken from armoured cable by shredding. Both processes result in copper cores that can then be granulated.

Such recycling reduces the space taken by discarded cables in landfill sites where their plastic coatings do not biodegrade. Costs for such disposal are spiralling and using Deptford for your cable disposal means you make money, not lose it.

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